Growing up, a very shy child who loved bugs, Betina Miller never imagined that she would be the central figure in a community drama that threatened the family she loved. By story end, you will know Bita, her endearing family, and a good deal of entomology. You will also experience how innocent, unwitting behaviors can resonate out, touching the perceived safety of an entire community and ultimately connecting us all to our changing climate.  50 minutes

A big thank-you to Greg Greenway for the use of his song: Do What Must Be Done

This story is a perfect spring board for:

A:  A lesson in how vector carrying insects spread disease, and are ever more present in our immediate environments

B:  Considering how easily fear effects the way we relate to one another.

C:  Thinking about our immediate world and how it is and will be effected by the climate crisis

D:  Taking a hard look at our role in climate disruption

E:  Walking towards activism that will change the way we both use and produce energy