Performance Programs for the Jewish Community Stories for Your Youth Community

These tales, created or culled from the the Torah, ancient and modern
midrash, the times of our wandering, and contemporary Jewish life are aimed at teaching the law, reinforcing Jewish values, strengthening community, and having a good time.

A Partial Repertoire List: 

The Fatal Pinch

Every child knows the ritual. Every child fears the ritual. Every child tries to avoid the ritual. When relatives come for a visit they eyeball the youngest and with enormous glee announce “My how you”ve grown.”  Next, they extend their own mammoth hands towards the innocent youth’s cheek. This is the story of Sarah’s strategy to avoid The Fatal Pinch.
ages 4-12  12 minutes 

The Treasure

This story is from ancient roots and tells of a tailor whose deep obedience to the mitzvot brings him a joyous treasure.
-ages 4-9 10 minutes 

The Creation

The first story that there ever was offer an opportunity to understand our relationship to G-d with heart and humor. 
– ages 4-adult 15 minutes 

Mrs. Noah

Did you ever wonder why she was not given a name? This humorous midrash explores the crucial role of the Mrs and how it was that animals learned eternal respect for one another.
– ages 8-adult 15 minutes 

Things Could Always Be Worse

A piece of folklore that teaches us to appreciate the gifts we have in this world.
– ages 4-adult 15 minutes 

Don’t Thank Me

Tells of a little girl who, in her desire to thank her mother for a loaf
of challah, has to dig deep to find its true creator.
– ages 4-9  10 minutes 

The Bat Mitzvah War

A mother and daughter go nose to nose over the worth of practicing troupe.
– ages 8-adult   12 minutes 

The Wisdom Tales of King Solomon

There is a reason this ancient ruler had a reputation. He was able to tell tales which turn the world so that those living it can perceive it and themselves through a new window.
ages 8-adult   2-10 minutes


Judith teaches two classes annually:

Telling Stories to Children

MakingStories From Your Life