For Museums and Historic Organizations

Judith creates, tells, and records original stories based upon the real lives of America’s unsung heroes and heroines. She dives into times and places in our  history, creating from them compelling, humorous, and riveting stories told with warmth and a well developed dramatic flair.

Prize winning tales have been commissioned by

  • The USS Constitution Museum,
  • The US Department of the Interior,
  • Old South Church,
  • National Public Radio,
  • The Boston Museum of Fine Arts
  • and many others.

They have been used to simultaneously inspire, teach, and entertain.

“The rapt attention at all three performances was testimony to your ability to tell her story (Mother Jones) in a most compelling way,”
Shirley Cherkasky/Coordinator Museum Programs Smithsonian Institution/ National Museum of American History

“Judith Black is a very talented storyteller and uses her artistic creativity to bring students back in time not only to empathize with participants but to teach lessons in history.”
Roger Tuveson/Gerald Orlen    Marblehead Middle School

“….Your performance was also important in relating that immigration is not a thing of the past, but a continuing cycle in our country’s heritage. Thank you for your special brand of entertainment and education.”
Historic Massachusetts

“Your portrayal of Mother Jones was convincing and moving.”
Tony Mazzoci  (Labor Party)

“Yours is a special voice in that you are telling stories based on historical incident while at the same time portraying the universal truths about the human condition.”
Walter DeMille, The Hotchkiss School