For Students

Programs for school audiences are shaped with traditional folklore from around the world and original stories that accent young peoples issues and their curriculums.

Programs for older students offer important adjuncts to the schools history and social studies curriculum.

In college settings, Judith’s programs can help bind a diverse community around common issues with humor and heart.

Workshops for students address topics as diverse as helping K-1’s develop
pre concrete operational learning skills such as recall, sequencing and grouping, and supporting older students in their creation of story-theater or as tellers themselves.

Workshops for educational professionals help to develop their skill at addressing cognitive, curricular, and social/emotional objectives through storytelling.


I’m So Glad To Be Who I Am: Stories that enhance self esteem.

Our Wide Wide World: Stories that offer windows into world cultures

Pinching the Giants: Tricksters of the World

Middle and High School

To view some of Judith’s tales for young audiences