Glad to Be Who I Am


When a child hears a story they allow themselves to become its’ hero or heroine.Whether they must overcome incredible odds, perform a good deed, or showcourage beyond their years, the child emerges with the strength and confidence of the storys’ main character.  Beyond this they also learn strategies for survival. For instance, many young children exhibit separation anxiety and sometimes even abandonment fears when they first attend school. The teacher can explain, until she is blue in the face, “Mommy will be back to get you,” but the real point is a more profound one.  That is, ‘mommy will be leaving you here again and again and again.’  How can you help a child cope with this kind anxiety?

Not by denying it, but by accepting its reality and modeling ways of coping.

Hansel and Gretel does this beautifully. These children are not simply left in a tasteful middle class nursery school.  They are abandoned in a witch infested wood. Yet, they survive, and their survival depends upon their ability to maintain their friendship and use their wits. These are capabilities that almost every child has.  If Hansel and Gretel can survive the worst possible scenario then imagine how hearing this story will bolster and offer inspiration for the fretful among your charges!  Story has great power and these offerings can speak to children’s inner needs on many levels.

Kids that Save the Day (Partial listing)

The Adventures of Garganchita
One little monster girls gets herself into big trouble because of her curiosity, but solves her problems through her ability to make friends.  20 minutes  ages 4-9

Molly Whoopie
If you’ve heard of a fellow Jack who climbed a beanstalk and tricked a giant, then you know Molly’s brother!  The difference is that Molly goes one better!

The Three Little Pigs
A funny, upbeat, jazz version of this tale still pays homage to the pig who uses his head!            5 minutes   ages 4-12

The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Sure, the trolls a female and it’s environmentally abhorrent that they ate all the grass in the valley, but when little guys trick big ones, we still feel better!
5 minutes      ages 4-12

This is the real life tale of a mother and kid driving each other crazy, but ultimately
developing loving strategies for coping with stressful situations.
15 minutes       ages 4-9

Gregory’s Story
Putting off bedtime is Gregory’s specialty, but saving himself from his own worst fears is
his gift.
10 minutes      ages 4-10

Zordack, The Hero of Marblehead
Being the ordinary kid, Patrick, is our heroes everyday disguise.  When he conquers the hideous Bunyip which threatens his town, there is no mistaking the super hero in him.
12 minutes      ages 5-11

Elena and The Black Geese
What little girl wants to spend a beautiful day watching her little brother?  Elena spends
hers rescuing him from the famous Russian witch, Baba Yaga!
20 minutes      ages 5-10

Sasha the Brave Youth
You have to be brave when you are face to face with the famous Russian witch Baba Yaga.  Sasha saves himself and the day!
12 minutes      ages 6-12

The Real Sleep in Beauty
This heart wrenching tale, told in first person explores a little girls passion to find the
princess in herself.
15 minutes     ages 7-11

The Fatal Pinch
Whenever the relative come Sarah lives in terror that her cheeks will never be the same.
This year she turns 13 and big changes take place!
10 minutes      ages 7-12

The Cranberry That Started the American Revolution
One little girl discovers the secret weapon that will stop the British in 1775
8 minutes        ages 8-12

An old Italian king foolishly believes that three daughters and no son will leave him
without a general top protect his territories.  Daughter number three does better than wina war, she accomplishes peace!
15 minutes      ages 8-12

The Three Strong Women of Japan
A Sumo wrestler learns about true strength from three generations of women.
15 minutes       ages 8-12

Wagon Wheels (By Barbara Brenner)
A family sets out from post Civil War Tennessee in search of free land for freed slaves.This story, told by 11 year old Johnny draws you into the courage and heart of their journey.
15 minutes      ages 7-12

Yen Lee’s Feet
is an original story with it’s roots firmly planted in ancient folklore. As you listen to this tale you’ll hear echoes of Clever MankaOne Grain of Rice and numerous other tales reflecting similar motifs (themes).  What I have added is a new frame and broader theme in the hopes that all girls who use their heads, as Yen Lee did, will know their great worth.
18 minutes        ages 9-16

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