Our Wide Wide World

OUR WIDE WIDE WORLD:  Stories That Offer Windows Into 

Other Cultures
Stories tells us what we share with all human beings in terms of fears, hopes,
relationships, and our desire to understand this world we live in.  Stories that emerge out of specific world cultures also tell us what is unique to that people, its history and style.

To view some of Judith’s stories for students:

(Partial List)
IN THE BEGINNING:  Creation Myths
From Africa to North America we all have explanations of how this world was shaped,how humans came to live on it, and why we must suffer suffer suffer!
10-30 minutes   ages 7-12
Glooscabe and The Wind Eagle
This wonderful Abenaki tale introduces us to one of the world great creators and
mischief makers while communicating values about how children learn and explaining why the wind works the way it does!
12 minutes      ages 5-12
Jumping Mouse
A contemporary tale based in indigenous American cultures teaches the values ofsharing and giving from the heart. 20 minutes      ages 8-11
La Muerta
The Mexican Day of Death celebrates the godmother of this final passage, and is still a popular holiday throughout Central America.
15 minutes      ages 8-11
In Haitian tales human traits are often attributed to animals who play out our very human foibles.    8 minutes      ages 8-11
I have numerous tales of this clever spider.  Spawn in Western Africa, he has put the moon in the sky, given us stories, and enabled his children to eat what the elephants were saving for themselves!
10-20 minutes     ages 4-9
Far East
From the Three Strong Women of Japan  to Yen Lee’s Feet (Chinese) to the true life story of a Vietnamese family escaping their country after the war with the U.S., these stories offer very non-traditional perspectives on ancient societies.
10-25 minutes   ages 8-12
Greek Myths
From Pandora’s curiosity to Demeter’s mourning for her stolen daughter, these stories spell out the ancient Greeks explanations of how our world came to be.
10-25 minutes   ages 8-12
Baba Yaga
The famous Russian witch rides in a mortar, propels herself with a pistil, brings the morning, evening, and seasons to pass and has touched the lives of every child growing up in Eastern Europe. 15-25 minutes   ages 5-12
Tales of the Diaspora
Jews have wondered this globe for thousands of years, and with them stories that explore their faith, culture, and life style. 5-20 minutes      ages 5-12
The British Isles
From Molly Whoopie to Fin M’Coul the heroes and heroines of this world tell you what is valued and what is feared. 10-20 minutes   ages 5-12
North American Immigrants
Our country has been shaped by its past and present.  These stories representing both the folklore of immigrants and national history will offer a non traditional slice of this nation. 8-20 minutes      ages 4-12