Environmental Stewardship for Students


 Letting The World In

Our children are growing up in a world plagued by climate disruption and all the difficulties and hardships that it does and will generate.  Obviously, we do not want them to carry this issue on their small shoulders, but they live in a world reeling from the results of global warming. From a refugee crisis to the slow evaporation of clean water, they are not immune to the resulting issues.  We can acknowledge what is happening, address their anxiety, and model behaviors that could empower them through stories.  Ancient tales have a deep abiding love of the earth and the role of humans in maintaining its balance. Following are some of the stories I employ to educate and empower students:

Three Green Ladies: A story about the three mighty trees that have watched over a farm for generations, and how much we owe to them. (ages 6-12) 12 minutes

The Koala Bear And The Eucalyptus Tree: A delightful tale about a bear who could only think of filling his tummy and the disastrous results when he leaves no leaves on his tree. (ages 6-12)           7 minutes

Spider and the Palm Nut Tree: When spider decides that the rules don’t apply to him and he will continue to tap the Palm Nut trees for their sweet sap, he is taught a lesson by the trees.        (ages 6-12)   7 minutes

The Frog Hunt: A tribal chief learns the hard way why he must listen to the frogs talking all night!(ages 6-12) 4 minutes

Elena and the Black Geese:  A child learns that if she assists nature, it will help her out of a very tight spot with Baba Yaga.  (ages 6-12) 15 minutes

Gluscabe and the Wind Eagle: What can humans control and how should we work with the natural world?  This native trickster finally learns to listen to something outside of his own will. (ages 6-12)           13 minutes

Katora Lord of the Wind: Why do you think the wind was angry and freezing the earth? This gorgeous story shares how humans can exude kindness and change their world. (ages 8-12)           17 minutes







More?  Sure, let me know your exact objectives and we can plan a program together.