ISTANBUL, NOT CONSTANTINOPLE I just returned from a journey to Turkey and Israel.  My husband is the kind of Jew who eats ham and cheese sandwiches on the synagogue steps on Yom Kippur.  So, when he muttered, “I think Ineed to go to Israel,” I said “hold that thought” and got planning.  Always wanted to… Continue Reading

Stories To Change the World

Stories To Change the World Have you ever noticed that the grander the aspiration, the less effective a story is?  Often the more desperately I want to influence my listeners, the less authentic, more didactic, and thus, less useful is my tale  Yes, Virginia, irony is the driving force of the universe. Many years ago… Continue Reading

Good Teaching Lives On

From My Mouth To Your Ears A bi-monthly blog by Storyteller, Judith Black   (I promise that going forward they will be shorter!) “Turn to your neighbor and when I make the sound, take turns, and each of you say your name.  Now turn to another neighbor and when I make the sound, take turns… Continue Reading