Storytelling in Education

Storytelling…  is an art as ancient as the spoken word. As you listen to a story the heart and imagination open, making room for new experiences, knowledge and understandings of our world. In addition, storytelling appeals to multiple learning modalities so that information is made accessible to spacial, kinesthetic, interpersonal, and often musical learners as well as those with linguistic skills.Here you will be offered information and ideas about why and how storytelling can be utilized in educational settings, and as a tool for self development.

Judith taught the art of storytelling at Lesley University for over 25 years. She now teaches two classes annually in her home:
In the warm of summer:
In the cold of winter: Making Stories from Your Life 

The articles shared, unless otherwise noted, have all been previously published in regional or national journals.

These represent 6 full length storytelling program
(45 minutes each) recorded by a satellite based educational network. The first 4 are accompanied by curriculum guides and all of them are appropriate for home and classroom learning. Enjoy!

Curriculum Guide

Contained here are curriculum guides for use in elementary and secondary school settings, as well as for storytellers and personal development.

These are descriptions of some of the workshops Judith offers to students and professionals.

Come and See a Performance

A few years ago I was interviewed on The Art of Storytelling with Children Podcast by Brother Wolf on The Dove and the Dragon: Binding Adult Objectives and Children’s Needs in Storytelling Listen to the interview now…
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