Programs for the Jewish Community

godJudaism, from Sarah and Hagar’s bitter stand off in the desert, to pulling ones hair out over the eccentricities Bar Mitzvah catering; all are topics for Judith’s performances and workshops for the Jewish community, or those who would like more insight into it.

Judith has performed for Jewish organizations throughout the country. Her work has been featured at the annual CAJE’s, the International Hillel Leadership Conference, under Federation sponsorship, at synagogues, and at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The possibilities for using storytelling in educational and religious settings are many. Following are of some of the ways you might use Judith’s skills to help draw a multi-generational community together, entertain, educate, and expand your tools for communication and learning.

Performance Programs For Your Adult Community.

Adult Education

Multi-Generational Community 

Performance Programs For Your Youth Community

Workshops For Your Youth Community


Judith Teaches Two Classes Annually:

Making Stories From Your Life, the first weekend in February:

Telling Stories to Children, the last week in June:

Come and see a live performance.