A Multi-generational Community

OOPS MA:  Songs and Stories of Family Life
Since the destruction of Jerusalem’s Temple, Jewish life has always been based in the home and community.  The task of a Jew is to draw the sacred from the mundane and chaotic episodes of our daily lives.  You will roar with the laughter of self recognition during these tales for your entire congregation.  From the daily battles pitched between parents and children around getting dressed, eating, and getting out of the house on schedule to anticipating Aunt Tillies ‘Fatal Pinch’ over the Passover table, we will celebrate our heritage, our humor, and our commitment to family life.

Multigeneratinal Workshop:
Weaving Our Lives is a workshop for parents and children, which guide the adults in creating stories for and with their families.  A non-threatening form of communication can become a welcomed ritual in a family’s life. Our contemporary society has become painfully dependent upon mass media to define our leisure hours.  During this session families will play with their own memories, the symbols of Sabbath, and their imaginations to access an endless well of creative interactions.