Workshops for students of all ages address topics as diverse as helping K-1’s develop pre concrete operational learning skills such as recall, sequencing and grouping, and supporting older students in their creation of story-theater or as tellers themselves.

Workshops for educational professionals help to develop their skills at addressing cognitive, curricular, and social/emotional objectives through storytelling.

Workshops for Elementary Students

Workshops for Middle and High School Students

Workshops for professionals offer the opportunity to develop your skills as a writer, shaper and teller of tales that will compliment and extend your personal and professional goals.

Workshops for Adults / Educators / Storytellers

Workshops For Healthcare Professionals

Workshops for Religious Educators

Workshops for Natural and Historic Interpreters 

Judith Teaches Two Classes Annually:

Making Stories From Your Life, the first weekend in February:

Telling Stories to Children, the last week in June:

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