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As an entertainment or springboard for professional training these tales will engage both the head and hearts of participants, enabling them to welcome new ideas, issues, and perspectives into the work they do.

Charge Nurse

Celebrate and educate about the work of emergency department pediatric nurses. Invite your community to experience this vital bee hive of healing and care from a new vantage point, the other side of the triage desk. This story of a single shift in the life of a pediatric ED, brings alive the issues, vibrancy, humor, and humanity of the nurses who become the guardians of children’s lives

Theatrical storytelling by Judith Black, one of the nation’s most revered practitioners of the art, speaks to the heart, the imagination, and the intellect. CHARGE NURSE, initially commissioned by the Pediatric Emergency Nursing Conference in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, is a slice of ED life. It focuses on the single shift of one charge nurse, the issues that move her day, and reflections on those issues from four other nurses representing a broad cross section of the profession. From green nurses setting IVs to the profound effects of working with dying children, the enigmas of this profession are explored in a way that resonates with audiences from both sides of the triage desk.

(35-50 minutes)

What Folks Say About “CHARGE NURSE”

“Fantastic – Makes You laugh and cry. Tremendous insight into what it’s like in a Pediatric Emergency Department.”
-John Perg
–MD Director of Emergency Medicine CCMC

“You are an amazing storyteller. It is a gift to be so energetic and talented. I really related and it made me see the Charge Nurse role more clearly. Thanks.
-Andrea Robinson
–PCA (Peace and Care Assistant)

“Judith’s presentation is riveting. She is able to touch all the emotions we feel and share every day.”
-Patrick Kelly
–Nurse Manager

“Characters were so true to those in our own ED – Fantastic!
–ED Administrator

“Really captures the experience of working (or trying to!) in a pediatric ED
-John Prancato MD
–PEM Attending

Comments from ED pediatric nurses:
– “Judith Black’s story tells it like it is.”
– “Lots of energy and truth to her stories.”
– “I felt like I was observing myself at my job!”
– “She made it fun and exciting.”
– “Great job.”

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Making Stories From Your Life, the first weekend in February:

Telling Stories to Children, the last week in June:

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