The Story Store Basket


Product Price Number Total
Hell for a Picnic CD  $15
 Waiting for Elijah CD  $15
 Glad To Be Who I Am CD  $15
 OOPS MA!: Songs and Stories of Family Life  $15
 Banned in the Western Suburbs: Stories
About Adult Passions, Choices, and
Relationships (2 CD set)
Looking For G-d’s Doorbell CD  $15
Retiring the Champ: Coaching Life’s Last
Journey (2 CD set)
The Fading Scent, A Seditious Comedy About Women
and Aging DVD
Essau My Son CD  $15
Meet Lucy Stone CD  $15
 Adult Children of Parents (90 minutes)  $15
 The Home Front (90 minute CD)  $20
From Her Arms to His DVD  $15


Making Stories From Your Life
Winter Class
Deposit $75                                                                                    $75
Full payment $350                                                                          $350

Telling Stories to Children
Deposit $75                                                                                      $75
Full Payment $395                                                                           $395

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