Stories For Children and Families


Retiring the Champ: Coaching Life’s Last Big Bout:  A story about Alzheimers disease,  family, and forgiveness

Goodbye Mom :  Mothers and Daughters, getting to know each other, the hard way

WAR: Colliervile, TN 1863 : A vantage point on this terrible war from the SW corner of Tennessee

Olde Towne (A Story about Mammy Redd, the only woman from Marblehead, MA killed in the witchcraft trials)

The Window Washers (a middle aged matron’s dream):

Whole Tales:

Homecoming  (Waiting for my son after his first combat tour in Iraq)                                   Winer of the MassMouth Big Mouth Off

That Fading Scent: A Seditious Comedy About Women and Aging (Opening on Mid-Life Crisis)  and  The Absurdity of ‘Sexy at 60’

My Name is Judy/The Real Sleeping Beauty

Hungry (A story about women and food)

Dancing at the YMCA : Dragging your gay friends to a very straight setting!

Rosie the Riveter, Part III   This story was created for the NPR series, Hand Me Down Heroes